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Goryeb Children’s Hospital

Center of Excellence

  • 94
    Licensed beds
  • 959
    NICU admissions
  • 36,702
    Emergency visits
  • 95,276
    Outpatient visits
  • 3,328
    Same-day surgeries

Support from the Goryeb Philanthropy Council and our community of donors helps to advance educational needs and enhance programs at this specialized children’s hospital.

Each child is a precious treasure; their health and well-being are valuable beyond measure. Your generosity enables safe, high-quality medical expertise so that we can show up in a way that every parent would want us to, instinctively knowing the right course of action when critical decisions are on the line. Our commitment to providing exceptional care empowers families at their most vulnerable moments.

Beth C. Natt, MD, MPH, MBA

Chair, Pediatrics, Goryeb Children’s Hospital 

Medical Director, Pediatric Service Line, Atlantic Health System

Donor Spotlight: The Dorothy B. Hersh Foundation

A $2.5 million grant from the Dorothy B. Hersh Foundation, naming the Hersh Fetal Diagnostic and Treatment Center at Morristown Medical Center, will enable the hospital to elevate its state-of-the-art treatments in maternal-fetal medicine exponentially over the next decade. The late Dorothy B. Hersh never married or had children of her own but was always interested in helping the underserved, those with disabilities and special needs youth in her community. In her will, Dorothy made provisions that a foundation be established to provide a milk fund for orphans in Elizabeth, New Jersey, near where she spent most of her life. Upon her passing in 1979, the Dorothy B. Hersh Foundation was founded. As there were no longer orphanages or milk funds in New Jersey, the newly formed Foundation shifted its focus to children with special needs and those who are financially vulnerable.

Hersh Fetal Diagnostic and Treatment Center (HFDTC)

The new Hersh Fetal Diagnostic and Treatment Center at Morristown Medical Center will provide a comprehensive program for pregnant women whose babies have congenital anomalies or other fetal complications. The HFDTC will offer coordinated access to multidisciplinary care by clinical experts whose sole focus is to keep both mother and baby healthy before, during and after birth. The new patient-centered facility at 55 Madison Avenue will centralize patient care services, expand diagnostic capabilities and create a welcoming and comforting patient care environment. Philanthropy from donors such as the Gagnon Family Foundation, the Arthur M. Goldberg and Veronica Goldberg Foundation and the Dorothy B. Hersh Foundation is helping to move this vital initiative forward.

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program

Seeded by more than $2.24 million in donor contributions, the Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program at Morristown Medical Center trains the next generation of pediatric sub-specialists to care for our youngest and most vulnerable patients. This rigorous fellowship program includes three fellow positions – one for each training year. Over three years, fellows gain expertise and skills in clinical care, medical education and research.

The first endowed Larry Skolnick NICU Fellow, Josephine Miller, MD, began her term in July 2023.

seeded by $2.24M+ in donor contributions

Calling All Kids

Calling All Kids pumpkin patch event in Mickey’s Garden.

Philanthropy has played a significant role in the incredible growth and popularity of the Calling All Kids Storytime Network at Goryeb Children’s Hospital – the premier healing service of the Women’s Association for Morristown Medical Center. By enabling new content and programs and helping pediatric patients find laughter and distraction with each other through creating television shows and other mixed media arts projects, children needing services at Goryeb Children’s Hospital can find a way back to being kids again.

In 2023, Kids4Kids, the Foundation for Morristown Medical Center’s youth philanthropy council, donated proceeds from their sixth annual Juniors Fore Goryeb golf outing to benefit Goryeb Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Music Therapy Program. Although the event couldn’t go on as planned due to smoke from the Canadian wildfires, these unstoppable teens still managed to raise $30,000!

Child Development and Autism Center

Last year, donor funding helped support several vital programs at the Child Development and Autism Center:

  • Adolescent and Family Training Model

    The Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) is an assessment tool, tracking system and curriculum guide that Child Development and Autism Center staff use with their adolescent and teen patients. The Behavior Analysts, staff and family work together to select two or three goals for targeted intervention.

  • Child and Family Training Model

    The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) is designed for children with autism, and others who demonstrate language delays. Following the completion of the assessment by a Behavior Analyst, goals are selected in conjunction with the patient's family for targeted therapy.

  • Social Skills Groups

    Children and teens with autism and related developmental disabilities often struggle to make friends, maintain friendships, understand social cues, see others’ perspectives and participate in conversation. Social skills groups are designed to allow these patients to learn the rules of social interactions and practice them in a supportive environment.

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy Sessions

    For patients who have ongoing therapy needs, behavior analysts provide weekly therapy sessions, which incorporate parent training, filling an important community need.

Child Life Program

With charitable giving from donors in 2023, the Child Life Program at Goryeb Children’s Hospital will be expanded to meet increasing patient volumes. Certified Child Life specialists help young patients and their families cope with the stress and fear of acute and chronic illness, injury, trauma, disability, loss and bereavement. They deliver developmentally and psychologically appropriate interventions, which can include preparing for a medical procedure, therapeutic play and education to reduce fear, anxiety and pain. Donor funding will add three positions to the Child Life team, including two certified Child Life specialists, a Child Life assistant and increased hours for the program’s music therapist.

In 2023, the Juniors Fore Goryeb committee donated proceeds raised from their sixth annual golf outing to benefit Goryeb Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Music Therapy Program. Although the event couldn’t go on as planned due to smoke from the Canadian wildfires, these unstoppable teens still raised $30,000!

Sports Medicine Fellowship Program

Through the Somers Family Philanthropy, the Sports Medicine Fellowship Program expanded, providing a fourth fellowship position. The five-year program trains pediatricians and residents focusing on primary care physician education related to the proper diagnosis and treatment of youths with sports-related injuries in the Morristown community.

The Somers Family Philanthropy funded a fourth fellowship position.

Collaborative Care Model for Pediatric Behavioral Health

Tested in one of the largest depression studies ever conducted, IMPACT (Improving Mood: Promoting Access to Collaborative Treatment) is a true integration of care and collaboration of mental health and primary care providers. In this model, all patients are screened for anxiety and depression during a new patient or annual appointment with their doctor. If a patient screens positive based on evidence-based evaluation tools, a behavioral health clinician sees that patient during their visit to further assess them for depression, anxiety, substance misuse or other mental health concerns.

If a diagnosis is made, the behavioral health clinician collaborates with the patient’s physician to develop a treatment plan, begins short-term psychotherapy and collaborates with a consulting psychiatrist who can recommend medication that is prescribed by the doctor. Donor funding in 2023, including a gift from the Barer Family Foundation, will assist with the salary of a pediatric behavioral health clinician and child psychiatrist consult time for patients within the Atlantic Behavioral Health Pediatric Collaborative Care Program at Morristown Medical Center.

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Christopher J. Lawlor, MD

Medical Director, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology for the Valerie Fund Children’s Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital

The Valerie Fund Children’s Center

Established in 1999, the Valerie Fund Children’s Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital provides personalized, comprehensive medical care to children and adolescents with cancer and blood disorders. With continued support from the nonprofit Valerie Fund, 2023 saw advances in the Child Life Program, integrative medicine, social work, mental health counseling and dietary assistance to help patients and families remain strong and resilient throughout their journey.

Last year, the Valerie Fund Children’s Center was the beneficiary of Roxbury High School’s annual Rox-THON, which raised more than $41,000 to support patients at the center.

Pediatric Oncology Pharmacy

All pediatric cancer medications dispensed to patients are done through Morristown Medical Center’s adult oncology pharmacy, located in a separate building from the pediatric cancer center. This causes several logistical problems, including the long wait time – sometimes two or more hours – before patients receive their medication, adding more stress to an already stressful time.

Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation Fund

The Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation supports families of patients at the Valerie Fund Children’s Center by helping with the costs of transportation, mortgages, rent, utilities and related essential home expenses during the child’s cancer treatment. The foundation also assists during the holidays so families can enjoy this special time despite the challenges of pediatric cancer and its treatment.

Good Neighbor Fund 

Many parents and caregivers of pediatric patients with cancer or blood disorders face dire financial situations after an unexpected and prolonged hospital stay. Thanks to philanthropy, the Good Neighbor Fund has helped thousands of families with financial assistance to offset daily living expenses, gas and electric bills, childcare costs, mortgage or rent payments and pharmaceutical purchases so they can focus on the most important task – helping their child heal.