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Goryeb Children’s Hospital

Goryeb Children’s Hospital provides superior pediatric medical and surgical expertise, renowned specialists and compassionate, patient- and family-centered care with the help of generous community support. All children are precious and vulnerable, a premise that continuously drives us to earn the trust of families by providing the best resources and life-saving care; it’s our most valuable trademark."

Walter D. Rosenfeld, MD

Chair of Pediatrics, Goryeb Children’s Hospital
Medical Director of Children’s Health, Atlantic Health System

Vital Stats

  • 266
  • 734
    NICU admissions
  • 67,091
    outpatient visits
  • 94
    licensed beds
  • 21,690
    emergency visits
  • 2,435
    same-day surgeries

Center of Excellence

Lucia M., Goryeb Children's Hospital donor

New equipment highlights

  • GE Venue Fit™ + Vscan Ultrasound

    Ultrasounds are a safe, radiation-free way to evaluate and identify the exact location of muscles, nerves, arteries and glands. In children who need treatment for tight, painful muscles that prevent movement, ultrasound guidance is invaluable to preventing pain and potential complications.

  • Pediatric Vein Viewer

    Thanks to generous contributions from donors such as the Ausiello Family, a pediatric vein viewer system was purchased for the Gagnon Children’s Emergency Department to help provide an accurate image of patients’ veins.

  • Stealth Autoguide™ Robot

    The first of its kind in the state, the Stealth Autoguide™ robotic guidance system allows surgeons to efficiently place multiple electrodes into the brain for seizure monitoring stereotactically, without the need for surgery. In 2022, specialists at the Epilepsy Center performed six surgeries utilizing this groundbreaking technology.

Donor Spotlight: The Valerie Fund

On September 17, 2022, more than 1,200 walkers, 250 runners and 150 volunteers took part in the 17th Annual Valerie Fund Walk/Run presented by Valerie Fund Founders Ed and Sue Goldstein and JAG-ONE Physical Therapy. The event raised more than $828,000 to support these long-time philanthropic partners.

As a part of their #BetterTogether initiative, CBS News produced a moving segment highlighting the physicians and care teams who work with pediatric cancer patients and their families each day at the Valerie Fund Children’s Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital.

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Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Christopher J. Lawlor, MD

Medical Director, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Valerie Fund Children’s Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital
Morristown Medical Center

Good Neighbor Fund

A key component of the mission for family-centered care at Goryeb Children’s Hospital, the Good Neighbor Fund uses donor gifts to support families with daily living expenses, gas and electric bills, childcare costs, mortgage or rent payments and pharmaceutical purchases. Last year, Roxbury High School students contributed more than $37,000 to support Goryeb Children’s Hospital and the Good Neighbor Fund through the annual Rox-THON.

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Nurse Navigator

In 2022, funds raised through the Fifth Annual Juniors Fore Goryeb Golf Outing and generous support from the Valerie Fund helped create a Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Nurse Navigator position. Ashley Mariconda, RN, was hired to fill the role in late 2022 and will serve as a central point of contact for patients and their families, guiding them through the continuum of cancer care – from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care.

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program

Morristown Medical Center’s youngest and most vulnerable patients receive extraordinary care at Sam’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) under the supervision of 14 neonatologists. To train the next generation of experts in this field, the Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program will equip fellows in pediatric clinical care, medical education and research. This program is seeded entirely through philanthropy, and the first endowed Larry Skolnick NICU Fellow, Josephine Miller, MD, began her term in July 2023. Generous support in 2022 came from the F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. and the Caruso Family Foundation, whose matching challenge raised more than $100,000 for the fellowship program.

Generous support for the program comes from donors such as the F.M. Kirby Foundation and the Caruso Family Foundation

Atlantic Fetal Diagnostic and Treatment Center (AFDTC)

The AFDTC gives women with high-risk pregnancies vital access to experts whose sole focus is to keep both mother and baby healthy before, during and after birth. To bring this program to the next level, women with high-risk pregnancies will soon be able to receive seamless care in one location — ideally during one appointment. A new full-time perinatal care coordinator will serve as a family-physician liaison and help parents navigate the complexities of their care. In keeping with Goryeb Children’s Hospital’s commitment to both the physical and emotional aspects of patient care, the AFDTC will ensure that families have 24/7 access to Goryeb Children’s Hospital experts for continuous patient- and family-centered care. Generous contributors to this project include the Gagnon Family Foundation and the Arthur M. Goldberg and Veronica Goldberg Foundation.

Pediatric Neurology/Epilepsy

The Epilepsy Center team at Goryeb Children’s Hospital incorporates a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treat pediatric patients suffering from this complex neurological condition. Through support from donors such as the Martire and Velez families and the Louise Washington Charitable Trust, the center has begun a five-year development plan for growth in treating pediatric epilepsy. This includes the addition of support positions; state-of-the-art equipment upgrades like the Stealth Autoguide™ robotic guidance system and facility upgrades. The donor-funded Epilepsy Nurse Navigator position has also been filled, with Kiera Warren, RN, starting in late 2022.

Child Development and Autism Center

Left to right: The Chard sisters Devyn, Eden and Julia enjoy time together in their backyard in West Milford, NJ. Eden receives care at the Child Development and Autism Center.

Last year, donor funding helped support two important programs at the Child Development and Autism Center:

The Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) is an assessment tool, tracking system and curriculum guide that Child Development and Autism Center staff use with their adolescent and teen patients. There are several AFLS modules for families to choose from, depending on the area of concern for their child (e.g., community, independent living or home). Following the completion of an assessment by an applied behavior analysis therapist, staff and family work together to select two or three goals that will be targeted for intervention.

Children and teens with autism and related developmental disabilities often struggle to make friends, maintain friendships, understand social cues, see others’ perspective and participate in conversation. Social skills groups are designed to allow these patients to learn the rules of social interactions and practice them in a supportive environment.

Child Life Program

Patient at Goryeb Children’s Hospital enjoys Mickey’s Garden.

Child Life Specialists do their best to keep pediatric patients educated, entertained and distracted at the bedside. With donor support, they are able to purchase supplies – such as stress balls, playing cards, crayons and craft items, educational toys, games and Xboxes – that provide many hours of much-needed fun and entertainment.

In 2022, the Barer Family Foundation funded an additional Child Life Specialist position in pediatric surgery. This dedicated resource will focus on preparing children and parents before a procedure and offer support day of. Research shows that children who are psychologically prepared for surgery experience fewer negative symptoms, have less post-traumatic stress, lower levels of fear and anxiety, increased cooperative behaviors and better long-term adjustment to future medical challenges.

Farris Family Center for Advanced Medicine in Pediatrics (CAMP)

A generous donation from Christopher and Linda Baldwin supported needs at CAMP including new outdoor furniture for Kayla’s Healing Garden. The upgrade will support children and their families who use the tranquil space as an important outdoor respite. Funds will also be used to purchase upgraded infusion recliners for pediatric patients, high-back chairs for parents and new gaming systems for the young patients receiving care at CAMP.

Pediatric Sepsis Program

Thanks to the generosity of the R Baby Foundation, Goryeb Children’s Hospital has made incredible inroads in treating pediatric sepsis and using simulation technology for clinical training. Caused by a bacterial, viral or fungal infection, early detection and aggressive treatment of sepsis is crucial. The R Baby Foundation has made it possible for Goryeb Children’s Hospital to institute a hospital-wide pediatric sepsis recognition protocol to improve patient outcomes.

Patient Support Fund

Gifts from donors such as the Larini Foundation help the Patient Support Fund assist parents and caregivers of patients at Goryeb Children’s Hospital in dire financial need. The fund ensures patients and families receive support to see them through the healing process, and can be used for transportation, medications, food and financial assistance.

Calling All Kids

The mission of Calling All Kids Storytime Network (CAK) is to bring smiles and laughter by educating and distracting our youngest patients with media arts. The underlying tenant of CAK has always been kids helping kids, whether that looks like past patients reading stories on the CAK TV channel, high-school kids helping at events or interns coming in from local colleges. Philanthropy from donors such as the Smart Family Foundation of New York and Ian and Elizabeth MacCallum, Jr. have helped sustain the incredible growth and popularity of CAK by providing support to produce new content and programs.