2020 Donor
Impact Report

As we reflect on 2020, we celebrate all of you, our amazing donor community, who generously supported Morristown Medical Center. Looking toward the future, including Atlantic Health System — Celebrating 25 Years, we gratefully acknowledge the impact of your philanthropy in the following report, which has provided the critical foundation for all we do and accomplish together.

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“Our mission at Morristown Medical Center is to build healthier communities while expanding clinical excellence. An integral part of this effort is partnering with donors who generously support our medical center. Philanthropy enables us to fully support the health care needs of our patients and their families.”

—Trish O'Keefe PhD, RN
President, Morristown Medical Center and Vice President, Atlantic Health System

$18.7 million+ raised to support
vital infrastructure & programs

Here’s how your donations contributed to improvements in our top clinical areas:

24% $3,577,221 Cardiology
495 donors
23% $3,320,017 COVID-19
1,463 donors
21% $3,021,107 Oncology
664 donors
17% $2,488,268 Pediatrics
718 donors
6% $886,562 Behavioral Health
45 donors
3% $495,483 Rehabilitation
12 donors
3% $462,910 Women's
68 donors
3% $392,055 Nursing
108 donors


total donors


first-time donors

“I believe that we never fully know the effect we have on others, but by contributing to support vital programs at Morristown Medical Center, we are able to make a substantial impact, every day.

—Robert B. Tafaro
Chairman, Foundation for Morristown Medical Center Board of Trustees

Morristown Medical Center


team members




medical residents






inpatient surgeries


same-day surgeries


emergency visits


outpatient visits

hospital in New Jersey
—US News & World Report

1 of the World’s Best

1 of America’s 50
Best hospitals

consecutive leapfrog
hospital safety rating

“A” Grade

magnet designation

for Nursing Excellence

1 of America’s 50
Best Hospitals for Orthopedics, Gynecology and Cardiology & Heart Surgery
—U.S. News & World Report

Support Fund

“I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your incredible generosity this past year. From the time that Morristown Medical Center accepted their first COVID-19 patient, you were there. You showed up in every single way, and I know our health care heroes continue to be grateful for the generosity and support of our donor community.”

—Jennifer L. Smith
Chief Development Officer, Foundation for Morristown Medical Center

$4 million+ donated including gifts in kind by our community and team members

Yuri Jaramillo, RN, utilizing one of 100 iPads purchased with donor funds to help communicate with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Support Fund donations helped to purchase much-needed equipment for critical care patients, including eight machines that conduct quantitative fit testing of respirator masks; Vocera communication devices to be used for the COVID-19 census; a Roche COVID-19 testing machine; IV-drip counters; negative pressure devices for the Sameth Emergency Department; scales and blood pressure kits; ventilators, glidescopes and bronchoscopes; and 100 iPads for patient communications.

Serve it Forward

Serve it Forward, a partnership with Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty’s office and Morristown Medical Center, helped support local restaurants and health care heroes.


in meal gift cards donated to team members during the pandemic

Five of the many Morristown Medical Center Serve it Forward gift card recipients. Pictured (Left to Right): Christina Barter, Assistant Nurse Manager, Surgical and Medical Intensive Care Units; Luis Salvia, Patient Experience Liaison; Brian Martin, Project Manager; Erika Garrabrant, RN, Nurse Educator, Kahn 5; and Miguel Farias, Media Services Associate.

The Atlantic Health System Cupboard

Thanks to a generous donation from the medical/dental staff, Morristown Medical Center team members had access to “grab and go” pantry items to assist with at-home meal planning during the busy holiday season. The systemwide initiative, open to all team members, was a way to lighten the load for those who worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Women’s Association for Morristown Medical Center (WAMMC), with support from the Foundation for Morristown Medical Center, coordinated the packing and distribution of bags of food throughout the program.

Messages to Health Care Heroes

Along with monetary donations and gifts in kind, the sentiments shared by
donors and community members – often children – were equally important to
our caregivers working around the clock.

Growing Forward Campaign

The Growing Forward Campaign was launched on December 3, 2019, to enhance three Centers of Excellence at Morristown Medical Center:

The campaign goal was set at $38.5 million to support the overall renovation and expansion cost of more than $112.7 million. Thanks to our generous donors, more than $40.3 million was donated, far exceeding the campaign goal and providing critical funding for these crucial projects.  View the Growing Foward Campaign Honor Roll.

95 5

$40.3 million donated

$1.8 million exceeded the campaign goal

As a nonprofit hospital, donor support for new capital projects like these enables Morristown Medical Center to offer world-class treatments, expand access for our communities and provide extraordinary patient- and family-centered care. Throughout the pandemic, the expansion and renovation of these centers quickly proved as critical to our COVID-19 patients as they were to our heart, cancer and pediatric patients and their families.

Morristown Medical Center is the heart of our community. While I am humbled by the generosity of our donors to this campaign, I acknowledge that we still have more work to do. We need to ensure we are continuing to provide the best patient-centered care while ushering in a new era of medicine. To do that, we need everyone’s support.

—Les Quick
Growing Forward Campaign Chairman
Foundation for Morristown Medical Center, Honorary Trustee

Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute

Growing Forward Campaign

Project Cost $70.7 Million
Philanthropic Target $20.5 Million

We are pleased to announce that donor giving

exceeded the $20.5 million campaign goal supporting The renovation and expansion of Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute

The Women’s Association for Morristown Medical Center’s (WAMMC) Splendor in September Designer Showhouse raised $1 million to benefit the expansion of the Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute. Pictured (Left to Right): WAMMC President Katie Nolle; Linda Gillam, MD, the Dorothy and Lloyd Huck Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine and Atlantic Health System’s Medical Director for Cardiology; Kathy Ross, Mansion in May Co-Chair; Pat O’Connor, Mansion in May Co-Chair; Trish O’Keefe, PhD, RN, President of Morristown Medical Center.


Operating at 99 percent inpatient capacity and with outpatient labs operating at nearly 100 percent capacity, the need for the Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute expansion was immediate and apparent.

Thanks to the support and generosity of our donors, the following was added:

2 new floors

with over 55,000 additional square feet of clinical space


MRI machine


new private, patient rooms

With this much-needed expansion complete, we can offer exemplary cardiac care to more patients who trust Morristown Medical Center’s experts with their hearts. We take great pride in the fact that our heart care program and medical center are among the best in the nation, and this state-of-the-art expansion of the Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute only further enhances the care and overall experience we provide to our patients.

—Linda D. Gillam, MD, MPH, MACC
Dorothy and Lloyd Huck Chair, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and
Medical Director, Cardiovascular Service Line, Morristown Medical Center/Atlantic Health System

Center of Excellence

50 Best Hospitals
for Cardiac Surgery

100 Best Hospitals
for Cardiac Care

1 of the 6 safest
cardiovascular surgery programs in the Northeast

Philanthropy proved essential to vital program growth across Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute. New, donor-funded equipment included:


echocardiogram machines


TOMTEC-ARENA workstation


The Cardiac Patient Support Fund, made possible through philanthropy, offers financial assistance to underserved patients who receive care at the Cardiology Clinic or the Chanin T. Mast Center for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) at Morristown Medical Center. Funds help provide medications, transportation to and from appointments and other non-medical needs.


Chanin T. Mast Center for
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Matthew W. Martinez, MD
Director, Sports Cardiology for Atlantic Health System, and Co-Director, Chanin T. Mast Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) Center for Morristown Medical Center

Philanthropy helped to build a crucial database to track HCM — a genetic cardiovascular disease that impacts one in 500 Americans. The database monitors disease trends and develops research findings while aiding in the longitudinal follow-up of patient care. Results are being collated and shared with several sports organizations and, our partner, Tufts University, to better serve Morristown Medical Center patients.

Advanced Interventional Cardiac Fellowship

The new Advanced Interventional Cardiology Training Program is funded 100 percent through philanthropy. The program helps to secure graduates from fellowship programs to remain on the hospital staff. Two cardiology graduates, Gurpreet Sidhu, MD, and Oxana Ovakimyan, MD, have already been retained, and hiring will continue in support of the interventional cardiology specialty.


Carol G. Simon
Cancer Center

Growing Forward Campaign

Project Cost $13 Million
Philanthropic Target $6.5 Million
88 31

$2 million raised in 2019

$5.7 million raised by the end of 2019

We are pleased to announce that donor giving

exceeded the $6.5 million campaign goal supporting The renovation and expansion of the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center

As cancer therapies have grown more complex and demand for cancer treatment steadily increased, expansion and renovation of the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center was critical.

Infusion Center Virtual Tour

The Infusion Center, the first of the three-phased expansion and renovation of Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, offers both open and private infusion bays, as some patients enjoy interaction, while others prefer a quiet meditative space. Natural light, soothing colors and reclining chairs are among the features that promote a healing environment. Part of the new design also includes comfortable chairs for family members, iPads, blanket warmers and music, plus pet and art therapy.

The new Space adds

12 infusion bays

Bringing the total to 36

There was an air of calmness About the whole experience

—Bob Mulcahy, Carol G. Simon Cancer Center Philanthropy Council member

Pictured (Left to Right): Ellen Early, MD, Hematologist for Atlantic Hematology-Oncology at Morristown Medical Center, Bob Mulcahy, Carol G Simon Cancer Center Philanthropy Council Member and Lydia Nadeau, RN, MBA, Executive Director for Atlantic Health System Cancer Care.

We are excited to offer our cancer patients the most advanced clinical options and therapies in a technologically advanced and modern setting. The layout of the new space also helps ensure everyone’s comfort and safety. We are creating a resource that will be treasured by the community for years to come.

—Eric Whitman, MD
Medical Director for Atlantic Health System Cancer Care

Center of Excellence

Designated a

Blue Distinction

for Cancer Care by Blue Cross Blue Shield


Accredited by the
American College

of Surgeons Commission on Cancer® (CoC)

The experienced team at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center provides patient-centered cancer care using the latest technology and treatments. Financial support from grateful patients and their families, as well as corporations and foundations, has enabled the expansion of research and the addition of new programs and improvements to existing programs while broadening educational offerings.

Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program

Morristown Medical Center was approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to establish a combined Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, which will provide an advanced curriculum in a collaborative clinical and research environment in partnership with the Translational Genomic Research Institute.

The fellowship program will be funded entirely through philanthropy.
$1,423,693 has been raised toward a goal of $2 million, including:

20 30 25 2

$346,875 from the Louise Washington Trust grant

$595,818 from the Estates of Warren R. Neil, Jr., and his wife, Lois

$440,000 bequest from the Estate of Diane Keene

$41,000 combined from additional donors

All elite cancer centers have this kind of dynamic fellowship program. This is a great milestone for the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, allowing us to recruit top-notch talent into our expanding community.

—Mohamad Cherry, MD, MS
Medical Director of Hematology for Atlantic Health System and Director of the Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program

High-Risk Pancreatic Cancer Screening Program

Angela Alistar, MD
Medical Director of GI Medical Oncology for Morristown Medical Center

When it comes to pancreatic cancer treatment, timing is critical for better outcomes. The ability to identify, screen, detect and manage patients at high risk for pancreatic cancer has proven beneficial to patients and families as well as to the greater pancreatic cancer community.

A dedicated phone line and support staff, funded through philanthropy, are available to answer questions about an individual’s risk of developing pancreatic cancer.


Goryeb Children's Hospital

Growing Forward Campaign

Project Cost $29 Million
Philanthropic Target $11.5 Million

We are pleased to announce that donor giving

exceeded the $11.5 million campaign goal supporting The renovation and expansion of Goryeb Children’s Hospital

Goryeb Children’s Hospital was operating close to or at 100 percent capacity during peak seasons, and the facility needed to be expanded and designed to be responsive to advances in medicine. Given these factors, pediatric outpatient services moved to 55 Madison Avenue to make room for the Joan and Edward Foley Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, which expanded from nine to 15 beds. Additionally, eight beds were also added to the Ryan Family Pediatric Inpatient South Unit, which when combined with the 26-bed Vanech Family Pediatric Inpatient Unit, brought the inpatient unit (non-critical care) to 34 beds.

Valerie Fund Children’s Center Virtual Tour

In 2020, the Valerie Fund Children’s Center expanded to include eight infusion bays for chemotherapy and blood work, four new exam and consultation rooms, a procedure room, a private family lounge and a playroom.

Parents come to Goryeb Children’s Hospital for our medical team’s clinical expertise and wealth of specialists, but also because of the exceptional, family-centered care we are known for. We want to ensure we are able to help families and children when they are at their most vulnerable, and with the expanded infusion center and clinical space, we will be better able to do so.

—Walter D. Rosenfeld, MD
Chair of the Department of Children’s Health for Goryeb Children's Hospital
and Medical Director of Children’s Health for Atlantic Health System

Center of Excellence

pediatric specialists



NICU admissions

emergency visits

outpatient visits

same-day surgeries

All vital stats for Goryeb Children’s Hospital include Morristown Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center.

Timothy J. Piazza Pediatric Prosthetic Fund

When Timothy Piazza passed away unexpectedly in 2017, his family knew they needed to carry on his legacy of kindness and caring. In recognition of Piazza’s dream of becoming a prosthetist, they established the Timothy J. Piazza Memorial Foundation to provide support to those in need of a prosthetic device not covered by insurance for activities such as sports and dance.


A recent


donation from the Foundation provided Michaella, a Goryeb Children’s Hospital patient, with a new prosthetic device which she uses for dance, lacrosse and softball.

Pictured: Michaella, a Goryeb Children’s Hospital patient and her prosthetist Michael.

Valerie Fund Children’s Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital

In a show of community support for Goryeb Children’s Hospital, Roxbury High School students raised funds to provide bereavement kits to grieving families who lost a child to cancer. Bereavement kits include 3-D hand molds and air-dry clay to create two-dimensional prints of a parent and child’s hand clasped together.


BD Diabetes Center for Children and Adolescents

In late 2020, funded by the generous support of our donors and grants from BD, a global medical technology company headquartered in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, production began on a library of short video programs offering educational and psychosocial support to older children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes and their families. The initial pilot program, a collaboration between the BD Diabetes Center, Calling All Kids and WAMMC, is scheduled to be released in late 2021 and will be available on inpatient TVs and iPads.

In addition to giving to the Growing Forward Campaign, Foundation for Morristown Medical Center Trustee W. Rodman Ryan and his family made a gift that was motivated by the care the Ryans’ grandson, Jack Morais, received. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 9, Morais has been under the care of Harold Starkman, MD, former director of the BD Diabetes Center, for over six years.

Calling All Kids

Calling All Kids celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2020 and simultaneously opened its first studio, funded through donations to the WAMMC and the Foundation for Morristown Medical Center. Philanthropy supports this unique healing service and the ongoing 24-hour programming that airs on Channel 65 throughout the hospital.

Child Life

During the holiday season of 2020, hundreds of donors ordered toys from gift wish lists created by Child Life specialists to support individualized, bedside play for pediatric patients. The wish-list process continues to be an important way to support pediatric patients while adhering to COVID-19 precautions.

Mickey’s Garden

Mickey’s Garden, an outdoor space located between Goryeb Children’s Hospital and the Farris Family Center for Advanced Medicine in Pediatrics building, provides an oasis for families to picnic and bring their pets to visit with patients. The $100,000 renovation was made possible through donations from the Kids4Kids Philanthropy Council, funds from the Foundation for Morristown Medical Center’s 2019 Employee Basket Raffle and Elite Toma Martial Arts’ Break-A-Thon for Charity.


Pediatric Gastroenterology

Twenty-five percent of those with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are diagnosed before age 20 — a critical time for physical and emotional development in children, teens and pre-teens. In those with IBD, Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) may be impaired by pain and unpredictable symptoms, resulting in added stress and self-esteem issues due to their condition. In donor-funded studies, yoga has been proven to decrease stress, heighten self-esteem and improve HRQOL.


Child Development and Autism Center

Philanthropy continues to make a lasting impact on the Child Development and Autism Center. Last year was the sixth anniversary of the center, which has tripled in capacity since its opening.



Gaines Mimms, MD
Co-Chair of the Goryeb
Philanthropy Council

Philanthropy helped Goryeb Children’s Hospital purchase seven Drager Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) ventilators. These ventilators are made specifically for the special needs of neonate babies and help to protect against lung damage, offering better long-term outcomes.

Sameth Emergency Department

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Margaret A. Darrin Charitable Trust sought out impactful ways to improve the lives of patients battling the virus. A need was quickly identified, and through a $235,000 grant, the Morristown Medical Center Sameth Emergency Department (ED) was able to upgrade 11 exam rooms into negative-pressure rooms, which protect against the spread of airborne infections. These upgrades mean that the ED now has a full unit, or 15 rooms, equipped with this highly specialized technology.


Michael Byfield, a patient care technician for the Morristown Medical Center Sameth Emergency Department, arrives for his shift during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specialized Gynecology (GYN) ED Room

Patients experiencing pregnancy loss in the ED are often in a fragile emotional state. To better support these patients, a dedicated, donor-funded GYN room will provide supportive and specialized care for vulnerable patients suffering from pregnancy loss, sexual assault or a gynecological condition.


Sameth Emergency Department Art Therapy Program

The Sameth Emergency Department’s donor-funded art therapy program benefits patients experiencing a crisis through supportive, bedside counseling. Art therapy sessions not only help provide a more accurate diagnosis but also improve a patient’s coping skills.


Center of Excellence


—Nurses Improving Care for
Healthsystem Elders

health system

Committed to Care Excellence
—Institute for Healthcare Improvement


for Geriatrics
—U.S. News & World Report

According to the Blueprint for Healthy Aging in Morris County, the over 60 population in the state is expected to increase to approximately 145,000 by 2025.

Up almost


from 20 years ago

Morristown Medical Center has implemented a comprehensive geriatrics program, supported in large part by a community of donors, to attend to our seniors’ most critical needs. The program includes a dedicated Geriatric Emergency Department, Geriatric Assessment Center and the David and Joan Powell Center for Healthy Aging.

David and Joan Powell Center for Healthy
Aging’s Geriatric Assessment Center

The David and Joan Powell Center for Healthy Aging’s Geriatric Assessment Center had a seven percent increase in patient visits in 2020. A fourth geriatrician was added to the practice in August. In addition, the Healthy Aging Program began offering virtual education programs and consults for caregivers of aging loved ones.


increase in patient visits in 2020

The center became a participant of the

Age-friendly health system initiative

of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement


geriatrician added to the practice

Caregiver Training Lab Virtual Tour

The new Caregiver Training Lab within the center, nicknamed “Gerry’s Apartment,” made possible in part by the Women’s Association for Morristown Medical Center (WAMMC), opened to help family caregivers enhance their skills in caring for an aging loved one. The lab includes a model bath, kitchen, bedroom, assistive equipment and common home environment adaptations to help improve independence and home safety for an older adult.

Read More

NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for
Healthsystem Elders) Conference

Attracting 150 attendees each year, NICHE at Morristown Medical Center offers nurses, physicians and allied health professionals continuing education in geriatrics. Although the 2020 conference was canceled due to COVID-19, donor funding supported keynote speaker fees and conference expenses for the virtual event in March 2021.

Geriatric Fellowship

Javi A Mashettiwar, DO 2020 Geriatric Fellow

The Geriatric Fellowship Program at Morristown Medical Center is a donor-funded initiative that supports one fellow annually. The fellowship, which addresses a significant shortage in geriatricians nationally, allows physicians with backgrounds in internal medicine or family medicine to gain expertise in the assessment, treatment and management of geriatric patients in all clinical settings.

Nancy and Skippy Weinstein Inpatient
Hospice and Palliative Care Center

In 2020, the Nancy and Skippy Weinstein Inpatient Hospice and Palliative Care Center received a Citation of Honor in the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Circle of Life Awards.

Innovation highlights, made possible in part by generous donor support, include:

Palliative care in the Sameth Emergency Department

Electronic health record support for palliative care consults

Nurses trained in primary palliative care

We can’t begin to express how grateful we are.

—Karen Zatorski

After experiencing firsthand how the team at the Skippy Weinstein Inpatient Hospice and Palliative Care Center aided their family during their final farewell to their mother, Karen Zatorski and her four siblings decided to give a Healing Hands gift in honor of the care their 77-year-old mother, Carmela O’Rourke, received as a patient. “It goes beyond writing a check. You don’t know until you go through it,” Zatorski said.



Center for Nursing Excellence

Ann Marie Menna, RN, utilizing one of 100 iPads purchased with donor funds to help communicate with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020 — aptly designated by the World Health Organization as The Year of the Nurse — the generous support of our donors allowed Morristown Medical Center to continue to share nursing innovation through presentations, publications, posters and studies.

The Center for Nursing Excellence and Innovation’s evidence-based scholars program continued with 12 nurses from several units.

Educational programs provided:


team members trained on personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-19


levels of registered nurses with advanced skills created through critical care courses

Nursing Professional Development Program

Nurses earning their Bachelor of Nursing degree increased by 38 percent at Morristown Medical Center last year.

27 nurses received scholarships of
$2,000 Each
for a total of $54,000. Two additional scholarships from the Rolf H. Bessin, MD, Scholarship Fund increased that total to $59,000.

Behavioral Health

The Head Family Inpatient Psychiatric and
Behavioral Health Center of Excellence

The Head Family Inpatient Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Center is dedicated to meeting the needs of Morristown Medical Center patients and their families — providing a full-service treatment team with access to a comprehensive range of donor-supported hospital services, including group therapy, psychoeducation, smoking cessation, physical therapy and spiritual care.


Hennessy Family Hospital Elder Life Program
(HELP) at Morristown Medical Center

HELP, which is supported by the generosity of our donors, reduces the risk of delirium as well as cognitive and physical decline among patients age 70+ and helps elderly patients maintain independence and optimal physical function during and after hospitalization.

In 2020, due to COVID-19, assessments were done virtually to assure the health and well-being of our patients.

Alcohol and Substance Use

In Morristown Medical Center’s donor-funded Inpatient Substance Use Screening and Intervention Program for medical surgical inpatients, an advanced practice nurse works alongside our consultation psychiatrists to screen patients for alcohol and substance misuse. This screening helps determine the severity of the condition while providing treatment to minimize or avoid withdrawal complications.

Pictured (Left to Right): Hayley, Carol, Jordan, and Ken Silbert at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in December 2019, a holiday family tradition that began when Jordan was a toddler.

Familiar with the pain that mental health, alcohol and drug-related issues can have on a family, Ken and Carol Silbert recently gave $250,000 to the Inpatient Substance Use Program at Morristown Medical Center. Their gift seeded the hire of a peer recovery specialist. Additionally, it increased the hours of a psychiatric advanced practice nurse (APN). Both positions work closely with patients to maintain and prevent relapse issues.


Veterans’ Support Fund

The Veterans’ Support Fund program, made possible through philanthropy, includes two clinicians who conduct outreach work and behavioral health counseling services for veterans. The program also maintains two dedicated navigators who visit hospitalized veterans to provide additional support.

Women's Health

Diana Contreras, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Women’s Health, Atlantic Health System

1 of the 40 best hospitals
in the nation for Gynecology
—U.S. News & World Report

From unexpected medical complications to the rise of mortality rates in mothers, clinicians must be ready for every childbirth situation. Through the support of our generous donors, including the Women’s Health Philanthropy Council, Morristown Medical Center purchased maternal full-term and premature baby simulation manikins.

Philanthropy also enabled the implementation of telehealth programs to support expectant mothers. BabyScripts™, a three-tiered approach to virtual maternity care, allows clinicians to deliver risk-specific care to pregnant mothers at any time, in any place, through a mobile app and internet-connected monitoring devices. A mobile screening tool checks for preeclampsia and urinary and bowel dysfunction.

Additional Funds

Supporting families during their most vulnerable times, these funds contribute to the advancement of extraordinary care for our communities:

Please note: Some photos included in this report were taken before social distancing and masking guidelines were in effect.